About Me

As a child I was always curious. Curious about everything and everyone; always wanting more.
Some children are born into a world knowing what they want from life, and some just wander through it in search of themselves.
As I soon found out, I was the latter.

First I wanted to be a singer, then a dancer, after that a writer, then an architect but then I wanted to study psychology, after some thought I decided to stick to illustration but then I fell in love with photography, yet a few years later I’ve come to the realization I really want to make art.
To everyones surprise I went to study Theatre Design which turned out to be quite an adventure!

But here I am, a visual artist, trying to figure it all out on the go. I learned to embrace the journey, the difficulties, the imperfections and the endless searching…

Yes, the life of a wanderer artist is not an easy one, but that doesn’t make it less valuable or worthy.
Sure, we all go through some bumps, bruises and stitches but it’s all part of our growth.
It all defines who we are.

Put all those pieces together and you find that even that puzzle is not yet complete.
My passion will always be art and everything surrounding the meaning of it. And as vague as it may seem, it really is that simple.

Some children are born into a world knowing and following their purpose, and some decide to love whatever it is they are doing and call it purpose.

I am the latter.



-Anastasia Malkin