Can You Händel Gershwin? Musical Performance

Soprano Channa Malkin, violinist Anastasia Kozlova and the American pianist and composer Michael Bulychev-Okser gathered together for a unique concert in Hilversum, “Can You Händel Gershwin”.
From Opera to Musical, pop music from back in the days till now.

A combination of music by two composers from two different worlds, both alive and well-known. Both interested in other cultures: Händel from the world of Opera who wanted to understand the Italian opera as a German and Gershwin from the Musical world who, as a Russian-Jewish composer, wanted to discover the culture of the black Americans.

This concert serves as a preview for a bigger project later this year, the performance “Händel goes Tinder”, a tragicomic Tinder adventure of a young woman with music from Händel, again sung and played by this trio and directed by Michael Diederich.

photography by Anastasia Malkin