Graduation Project – part 2

 Forever Young & Beautiful


I was inspired and intrigued by the endless amount of beauty commercials there are these days.
It obviously shapes our conscious and unconscious mind without our realization.
The puppets that we are, we are part of a society who claims to know what is beautiful and what not; what is bad and what is good for us.
So I asked myself: what if the women who wanted to look younger (and therefore more beautiful), could actually get that by applying the smile of a 6 year old or the eyes of an infant.
How young do you really want to look ?


For the fun of it, I also mixed up the sexes.
” Excuse me, did you just assume my gender?? ” 


As you can see below, I also hang the portraits of the made-up-people in different kinds of rooms, in order to arouse any kind of reaction from the person looking at it.

So, how does that make you feel?